Digital, wirtschaftlich und nachhaltig in die Zukunft
mit den Produkten von farmunited

We shape the future of agriculture

farmunited develops forward-looking technologies for agriculture at the Friedrichshafen site. With innovative sensor and control technology, smart apps and the IoT real-time platform, we offer holistic solutions for optimized production in harmony with nature. Intelligent components, real-time maps and planning processes enable efficient crop protection and optimized irrigation. Currently, farmunited is developing complementary sensor and network technology to provide every farmer with easy and cost-effective access to valuable environmental and soil data. Radio, blockchain, micro-payment and app technologies are used for data transmission. In the future, farmers should be able to easily communicate and benefit from each other via these innovative networks and technologies.

Agritechnica 2023

Many thanks for an impressive trade fair with exciting discussions!


Clever plant protection with SMARTFAN technology in the RWZ trailed sprayer RFW 8-6 and RFW 10-6 for viticulture. You can find more information and contact details for the product here in the info flyer PDF.

Holistic agriculture with farmunited products makes your farm economical and sustainable.

farmunited developers visit the organic fruit farm Glocker in Horgenzell.

The direct exchange with the users of our systems is very important for a practice-oriented further development of our products! Many thanks to Mr. Nikolaus Glocker for very interesting conversations and the insight into an innovative organic farm.

Digital agricultural technology Profit from data! Harvest data!